Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video: Dead Iraqi Emo/Gay
Hanging From a Bridge

It was terribly difficult to watch this video, and the howling wind only added to the tragic scene on the screen. The LiveLeak site headlines the video as the "Execution of an Iraqi Emo Hanging from a Bridge" and shares this vague overview description lacking specifics about the victim:

The execution of the "emo" is a new bizarre craze to sweep across Iraq after the dictator was overthrown. An emo in Iraq is regarded as someone who dresses in western clothes. The killings are random and brutal, conducted by unknown militias, and target especially any long haired young men wearing jeans.

We don't know if the youth was hanged because religious militias thought he was emo or gay or dressed the wrong way, and if anyone has details about the victim and why he was hanged, please let me know.

Looking at the disturbing video, it was impossible not to recall America's history of hangings and vigilante executions of black men and women:

And, of course, it's an easy leap from the Iraqi and American images of hangings to the Iran's hanging of gay teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni in 2005:

Whether its Iraq, Iran or America doing the executing, I am against it.

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