Friday, March 16, 2012

NYT: Book Says No Evidence
FBI's Hoover Was Gay, Had Sex With Anyone 

 (Hoover, right, with FBI associate and rumored partner Clyde Tolson.)

Former New York Times reporter Tim Weiner has new book out, "Enemies: A History of the FBI", which the paper favorably reviewed yesterday. The matter of J. Edgar Hoover's sexual orientation and sex life are addressed, and quickly dismissed, in the book:

Hoover as a man never really comes alive in “Enemies”:’ Mr. Weiner is far more concerned with policy than with private life. He briefly addresses the idea of Hoover’s closeted homosexuality, even the hoary old story that he was a cross-dresser, dismissing both notions out of hand, saying there is “not a shred of evidence” that Hoover was in fact gay or ever had sex with anyone. 

Well, if there were some evidence, I wouldn't be the least bit shocked to learn it was destroyed by Hoover or the FBI.

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