Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anemic SF Sheriff's Site
Still 'Under Construction'?

Remember my post back in January about the quite lame state of the San Francisco Sheriff's web site? I kvetched that the new top dog, Ross Mirkarimi, who maintained his legal troubles were no hindrance to his running the department, had no apparent public information office in place and operating in the modern age on the web. The site contained the bio and photo of retired boss Michael Hennessy.

Alas, two-months after my previous look at the sheriff's site, it's still "under construction" with a smiling portrait of Mirkarimi on the left and this info:

Welcome to the new web homepage of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. Continue to check this site for information about the Department, and how we are working hard to provide the best service to the People of San Francisco. While this site is under construction, if you should need the assistance of the Sheriff's Department or require more information, please contact us @ 415 554-7225 or email us at

Even before Mirkarimi took charge, our sheriff's site stank. It's embarrassing to compare the SF sheriff's web presence with that of the Alameda county, the San Mateo county and Marin county sheriffs' departments.

The "under construction" site is just another small sign of how Boss Ross ain't doing such a good job running his department, because of his personal and legal troubles. How many more months are needed before this here podunk municipality gets a functional sheriff's site to finally engage citizens on the web?

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