Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SF Vigil Today:
Iraq: Stop Killing Gays, Emos and Goths

As I write this, a light rain is falling on San Francisco and regardless of the weather there will be a vigil today starting at 4:00 PM in the Castro district. Our group Gays Without Borders will display a banner and posters demanding that the skull-crushing murders of gays, emos and goths in Iraq immediately end. Please join us.

Political artist Clinton Fein designed the powerful poster above, which is quite difficult to look at but we must show the world the brutality of the murders of young people in recent weeks in Iraq. Permission is granted for everyone to use the poster to call attention to the killings.

And Gary Virginia, who penned the appeal below to the goth community, has also created a memorial wreath commemorating the young Iraqis who've died during this spate of murders:

I'm an activist and community fundraiser in San Francisco and am reaching out to your Facebook Group GOTH CLUBS for support.

I'm with a group called Gays Without Borders and we're having a vigil on March 14, 4-6pm, at Castro and 18th streets denouncing the brutal killings of Goths, Emos and Gays and suspected Gays in Iraq.

It is believed that 100 have been killed in recent weeks with a witchhunt mentality. Many of the victims are straight but dress differently so they were targeted. The killings are continuing.

Here is the FB event if you are able to quickly post it:

We are of the belief that we are ONE human race on a very connected planet. These types of brutal slayings of innocent people should not be occurring in the 21st century. We appreciate any support.

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