Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sisters' Hunky Jesus Flesh Fest;
Proudly Ruining it for Everyone

Oh, God, they're at it again. Those lovably wacky, political charitable do-gooders known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are celebrating their 33rd year of ruining it for the rest of us gays on Easter Sunday, which falls on April 8th.

There's another Hunky Jesus contest on the lineup of the party the Sisters are staging in Dolores Park, if the weather permits and if not, go here to find the alternate indoor location. Rain or shine, the celebration will go on, as will the usual boring controversy from upset Christians who don't know how to take a joke.

With all the fusses lately over Catholic religious leaders wanting to impose their beliefs on public health matters for women and attempts to deny LGBT people civil rights, what better way to expunge some of the centuries of oppression and stigma than through humor and bawdiness on public property?

We should all remember to tickle our funny bones with the Sisters for Easter whether you live in San Francisco or not. Don't forget about all the good community-based work the Sisters perform year-round, and thank the Lord for them and their activism. Let's honor their "Ruining for Everyone" spirit and sistory and share some laughs on April 8th.

If the coverage around the web from previous Hunky Jesus contests is any indication of how folks beyond the Bay Area love this sort of "only in San Francisco" phenomenon, there will be oodles of commentary starting next Sunday. OK, there will also be plenty of eyeballs checking out the Jesus-wannabes in the flesh and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

More info from the Sisters' site:

It's our birthday and we want you to come to the place where the Sisters started it all back in 1979 - Dolores Park - and help us celebrate in proper style with the ever-popular Kiddies' Easter Egg Hunt at 11am on April 8, followed later in the day with the Easter Bonnet Contest and the Hunky Jesus Contest. This year's theme is "Pumps & Circumstance" so dress accordingly and be sure to bring a picnic blanket, some nosh and, of course, a little libation and then sit back and enjoy the show, which will be translated by ASL interpreters.

And Sister Connie Pinko shares info about where to go if the weather is wet and cold:

Foul weather plans will be posted on our website thesisters.org on the Friday or Saturday prior to Easter.

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