Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SF Chronicle:
Perez Hilton = 'Notoriously Vile'

Last week, I wrote about lack of donations from blogger Perez Hilton for retaining gay marriage in California, after he made a huge media splash over a beauty queen's opposition to marriage equality.

I mistakenly thought no one in the gay blogosphere had reported on Hilton not giving to the No on 8 campaign, when in fact, longtime freelance Las Vegas-based gay journalist Steve Friess had indeed blogged on this. A correction was posted to my blog.

Then last Friday, Friess penned a post labeling Hilton "vermin" and taking him to task over the controversy he created:

And the vermin Perez Hilton, who heretofore has done nothing whatsoever for gay rights and didn't donate a dime to fight against Proposition 8 last year, decided this was a great time to exploit the issue by recording a video blog in which he cackles about all the attention he's gettin over this and then calls Prejean a "dumb bitch." ...

Once the vermin Perez Hilton attacked this young woman, she became a right-wing hero and handed the Hannitys and Limbaughs of the world a clear-cut case of politically correct aggression with which to paint all gays who argue for marriage equality. ...
Now, today's San Francisco Chronicle, in an editorial I suspect was influenced by Friess' piece, has some nasty things to say about Perez:
It's a story with no heroes, no villains and no consequence. At a beauty pageant that nobody watches (the Miss USA beauty competition), a notoriously vile blogger (Perez Hilton) asked a controversial question ("Should every state legalize gay marriage?") to a barely articulate contestant (Carrie Prejean, also known as Miss California USA). ...

Part of the reason it's persisting is that both Prejean and Hilton want it to - as a result of all the attention, they're both making out like bandits. ...

It's win-win-win for the blogger, the beauty queen and the pageant promoters - and a distraction for an issue that deserves more serious and substantive discussion than it merited in this vacuous exchange.

And a win for the SF Chronicle, which is desperately trying to stay relevant, and alive, as a newspaper that attracts eyeballs to the print and online versions. Care to wager the editorial is bringing lots of readers to the Chron's web site today?


Anonymous said...

"notoriously vile"?

That should up the traffic to Mr. Perez's blog.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. is trying to organize a huge anti-gay rally near the city office of the governor of New York in Manhattan (633 41st-40th St and 3d ave) on May 17 to rpotest against same-sex marriage. I heard on the Spanish-language radio that they expect about 50.000 people to show up (mostly Hispanic evangelicals from the Bronx)