Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perez Hilton Gave Nothing for
Gay Marriage/Prop 8 Fight?

There is much talk in the celebrity press about gay blogger Perez Hilton, nee Mario Lavandeira, asking a Miss USA contestant about her views on gay marriage over the weekend.

Perez blogged in September about gay personalities who hadn't donated to the No on Prop 8 committee, and he called on the bold-faces names to cough up some dough for the fight.

But did Perez donate any or enough money to trigger a record being created with the CA Secretary of State when Prop 8 was before the voters?

Two search engines, the one at the SF Chronicle site and another maintained by the secretary of state, show no donations were made by Perez, um, Lavandeira, to the No on 8 committee.

I shouldn't be too hard on Perez for his apparent lack of contributions to defeat Prop 8. I gave no money either, basically because I'm poor and have no funds to contribute to political campaigns.

Even if I had discretionary funds and could write checks to defeat anti-gay ballots propositions, I wouldn't have donated to No on 8 since it was run by incompetent gay leaders, who waged the most closeted political campaign of the past decade.

I'm curious though if Perez's critics and others feel he should have donated money to retain gay marriage in California. He charges a hefty fee to advertise on his well-trafficked site, so I bet he has a few bucks to toss around to political campaigns, if he so decided.

Will anybody care that he probably didn't donate to No on 8?


Oops. My bad. There was someone who cared about Perez and his lack of donations to No on 8. Las Vegas-based gay journalist Steve Friess blogged on this matter waaaay back in November. Thank you, Steve, for beating me to this story!

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I didn't contribute to No On 8 either. And I couldn't afford to more than you couldn't afford to.

However, Perez was vocal about it on his website, which is more than I can say or write about several people with blogs.