Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Gay Jamaicans Totally Back Boycott

Unlike the recent anti-boycott open letters from JFLAG, and gay Jamaican-Canadian exile Gareth Henry, whose letter contained absolutely no contact info, and both of which have that "ghostwritten and heavily influenced by Scott Long of Human Rights Watch" quality and tone, calling for an end to the boycott, two gay Jamaican voices have been raised about the boycott and lack the polish of the opposing letters.

One voice comes from a fellow named Dave, who self-describes thus: "I am a 22 yr old college graduate from Jamaican who is currently looking for a paying job. Extremely friendly, health conscious and a complete perfectionist." On his site, the Axoriak Chronicles, Dave, who lists an addy, had this to say:

When I initially wrote my first post I had no idea how deep emotions ran on this campaign, much less how extensive the discussion would have become once other persons got wind of the boycott. Since then I have encountered a host of articles in newspapers, blogs and even videos from persons expressing their views on the move and I must say that I am delighted. ...

Personally, I don’t care whether you agree with the move or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that attention is being brought to the issue once again.

Essentially the more interest we are able to generate on the Jamaican LGBT Community, the more aware the World becomes of our suffering, and to me that is a step in the right direction.

I agree that Jamaica might not be ready to accept the gay community just yet and I also agree that change will never come in a day, but if no one takes a stand then nothing will ever be accomplished.

We have always tired the, “Ask Jamaica approach” and it has never worked, so I think it’s time to implement the, “Force Dem approach”.

True change cannot occur without the presence conflict and if it takes an outside organization to cause that conflict then I am all for it. Jamaicans have always been afraid to put a face to Gay and for those that have, it has never ended well.

As such Jamaica has never been truly challenged on their archaic views on homosexuality and if Boycott Jamaica is able to apply the pressure on these bigots then I say support it.

As if those words were not enough sweet music to my ears, there is also this terrific batch of words from Dave initial post on the boycott:

This could potentially devastate my country during this global recession but this is basically the only thing I can do to improve my living conditions without putting myself in physical danger. Jamaica sucks when it comes to addressing LGBT issues and I am tired of living under these stupid conditions. Obviously, LGBT issues require much more attention Worldwide, even in the US, but Jamaica just refuses to even give us any basic rights. And they NEVER speak out against violence against gays.

I don’t F-ing care how long it takes, just Boycott our asses and pass the word along.

Thanks so much, Dave, for summing up your thoughts and sharing them with the world.

Then there's this email which came my way yesterday. I've written back and said thanks. The email arrived after I had received a voice mail from Jason, who left his phone number.


As a Jamaican gay man living in New Jersey , I am very upset and appalled at the reckless and disrespectful letter that JFLAG sent to your organization. I am personally apologizing for the backward way of thinking of JFLAG.

I have lived in Jamaica for 20 years before I escape to the United States. I was physically and verbally abuse everyday there.

That is why I am so piss that JFLAG, an organization that is suppose to help the Gay and Lesbian community, is trying to downplay the real situation in Jamaica and the need for really change in the strategy for fighting homophobia.

The OLD WAYS HAVE FAILED PITIFULLY. There must be a new strategy. Jamaica has made very little progress in the fight for Gay Rights. If it had not been for the international community's outcry against anti-gay lyrics the music industry in Jamaica would still be making profit off the hate lyrics that they perpetrate for decades.

Jamaica will never recognize gay rights with out the push from the international community .

Many Jamaicans have died at the hands of hate crimes in Jamaica in the past twenty years and today the situation is pretty much the same. The corrupt government and the homophobic people will never set the gay populace free unless their economic security is threatened.

I encourage you to continue the fight and I am here willing and able to do anything to end the terrorism that plaques Jamaica and its people. Again continue the good work.

As you know from watching the video of the rum dump at the Stonewall Inn, there was one young gay Jamaican exile speaking in favor of the boycott. The messages from Dave and Jason show there are two much such supporters.

Three gay Jamaicans voicing their endorsement of the boycott. Will our critics take notice?

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Unknown said...


You are free to try and convince gays to buy Jamaican products or take their lives in their hands and travel to your country.

I don't expect many gays will listen to your arguments that there isn't hatred of gays in Jamaica.

Many of us rely on reports from the US State Department and human rights organizations that report the truth about anti-gay abuses in Kingston.

Boycott Jamaica!