Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Computer Crash; Tech Help Requested

Why are my emails with links no longer clickable, among other problems, and why am I using my boyfriend's computer to post this message? Because my computer, having served me admirably since 2000, and the power pack, crashed a few days ago. I was supposed to modernize my system with a tech friend, but he's moved.

A computer crash ain't fun at any time, and now, with the boycott Jamaica campaign and the murder of gays in Iraq on the front-page of the New York Times, I sure miss being on my own computer.

I've hobbled through as best as possible without my files and all, and I am trying to find a local tech person to assist me getting the right upgrade for my needs, then getting all the wires hooked up properly. If you're that person, please get in touch. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

First off, what are you using for a PC and browser; and if a PC with XP, assuming you're not on an earlier OS, when was the last time you did basic stuff like clr history, etc; scan and defrag?

Unknown said...

yes, a PC with XP and the last time that basic stuff was three weeks ago. it's way past time for me to upgrade and modernize my computer, while at the same time also nice to be online and unplugged a lot less.

Anonymous said...

We're at that crossroads, again, unfortunately. Microsoft is supposedly releasing Windows 7 during late 2009, and that means all XP and Vista desktop's and laptops will soon go down in price. The question is when, though.

Those netbooks are cool (Dell Mini's, etc.) but for militant blogging and stuff, they're so/so.

You mean you're not nice now?

Lite said...

I don't know what email you're using. Anyway, try different browser (ask anyone to send the file using IM?)
OK Now the other solution must work but be careful you might loose some files: Try to restore your computer to an earlier date. You can do it from Start-accessories-System Tools then click on System restore. Choose the nearest date. (make sure you create a restoration point for today in case you lost some files.