Thursday, April 23, 2009

NGLTF 'Glued Anus' Condemnation
Was Satire; Iraqi LGBT Reacts

April Fools Day came twice this year. Yesterday, I posted a parody of a condemnation from Rea Carey, the leader of NGLTF, a group that once gave a damn about Iraq.

Check out this 2003 Metro Weekly story about the group taking a stand against invading Iraq, and dig that headline, The Task Force Breaks Its Silence on Iraq, then listen to the deadly silence of the group today regarding the pogrom targeting gays for death in Baghdad.

My intention was to force the leaders at NGLTF to crank up their p.r. machine and denounce my satire, and, in the process, finally say words of protest about the killing of gays by gluing their anuses, then inducing death via potent laxatives. Even the parody didn't end their silence.

I wrote to Ali Hili, the leader of Iraqi LGBT, an exile group based in London operating a shoe-string underground railroad of escape and support, to get his reaction to the satire:


What can we do, some people's hearts turned into stones as if the suffer and the lost of lives in the world doesn't mean anything to them anymore.

It is a bad sign that no one is doing anything to help us at these very hard and lonely times.

We still have hopes that someone will react and something will comes up to stop this blood shades.


If his words don't break your queer heart that aches for justice for all Iraqis and the gays of Iraq, then you need a new heart.

I also received this complaint:

This would be more effective satire if you had NGLTF issue a release explaining why they were reluctant to interfere in this problem, offering lame excuses why they are too busy at home on other issues and then list some non-pressing gay issues.

Just one queen's suggestion.

That's once smart queen with a fabulous suggestion.

To be honest, I thought many people would know the statement wasn't real because I said it was being circulated by Hans Scholl of the White Rose group. Scholl was executed by the Nazis for resisting their evil, as were all members of the White Rose.

However, there were also a few sites that believed the NGLTF was actually taking a principled stand on the Iraqi gay murders:

Joe. My. God.: Task Force Takes On Iraq Abuses

A statement just issued by Task Force executive director Rea Carey reads in part
: ... brutal and inhumane murders being perpetrated on LGBT people in Iraq. ... - 22 hours ago - Similar pages -

Task Force Takes On Iraq Abuses

Task Force Takes On Iraq Abuses. Posted by: blogger ... A statement just issued by Task Force executive director Rea Carey reads in part: ... - Similar pages -

NGLTF Condemns Gay 'Glued Anus' Deaths in Iraq; Donates to Exile ...

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NGLTF Condemns Gay 'Glued Anus' Deaths in Iraq; Donates to Exile Group. ... Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director of NGLTF ... - 17 hours ago - Similar pages -

NGLTF responds to Iraqi gay executions

For gay Iraqis, their pogrom continues, as does the "good German, good gay" silence of not just NLGTF, but all of Gay Inc in America.


paulocanning said...

pageoneq are the same fools who started the 128 gays to be executed meme which caused so much damage when Iraqi LGBT originally said about what was being reported to them.

Now Polis has confirmed that executions have started.

Glad to see you using 'pogrom' - would the Jewish community put up with this shit? The lack of reaction from our so-called community is one of the most shameful things I think I have ever witnessed - and that is saying something.

Unknown said...

I know and like the guys who operate PageOneQ and think they do a good job of keeping the community linked to many important domestic and foreign gay stories.

Sorry to learn they may have cause trouble over the supposed execution of more than 100 gays in Iraq.

Many times, when no one else was doing so, the PageOneQ site pushed attention for gay Iraqis.

Now, if only we could get the NGLTF and other USA gay political groups to break their silence about the pogrom on gays in Iraq, that would do some good.