Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gay Member of Aussie Parliament
Endorses Jamaica Boycott
Ian Hunter is an openly gay member of Australia's parliament, and he recently wrote an essay about global gay advocacy that mentioned a group I belong to, Gays Without Borders.

I mentioned in my thank you note to him that I'd like to have his endorsement of the campaign to boycott Jamaica, and he replied yesterday in the affirmative. Here's his response:

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your note and invitation to endorse the boycott Jamaica project.

In years gone by - when the state of Tasmania refused to overturn its discriminatory laws - Rodney Croome and his partner Nick Toonen initiated a campaign to boycott Tasmanian food products.

I took it upon myself to campaign amongst local restaurants to sign a pledge to boycott Tasmanian produce in my own state of south Australia.

Soon after - the Tasmanian government capitulated. See this story: .

So - I am already onside with the tactic - and will wholeheartedly endorse the boycott Jamaica project.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,
Thanks so much, Ian. We appreciate your endorsement. Keep informed about boycott actions at our web site

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