Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(Clinton and Easley at this morning's news conference.)

HRC, GLAAD Deplore Clinton Endorser's
'Pansy' Remark

Ha ha! A phony headline we're unlikely to see today or anytime soon.

According to a Google News search,
it was more than eight hours ago that the first mainstream news stories appeared today about North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley endorsing Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House, and saying she "makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy."

From the SmokingGun.com site, just one of a few that have done more to calling attention to the slur-throwing guv of NC than HRC and GLAAD:
APRIL 29--With Hillary Clinton standing at his side, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley today described the Democratic presidential candidate as so tough that she "makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy." Easley's compliment, as it were, may offend some voters since the word "pansy" is often used in a derogative fashion to describe a male homosexual.
Yet neither the Human Rights Campaign nor the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has bothered to issue condemnations deploring Easley using this antigay derogatory term, as Clinton stood silently at his side, smiling.

Rest assured, if John McCain received a governor's public support and that governor used the slur "pansy" to make McCain look good, both HRC and GLAAD would waste no time cranking up their PR machines to condemn the endorser. The gay advocacy organizations would also be demanding the GOP presidential contender distance himself from the use of the slur.

But in Easley and Clinton's case today, professional homosexual rights groups are silent. Could it be HRC and GLAAD have separate and unequal standards, one for Democrats, another for Republicans?

By the way, the latest news on HRC's site is all about their radio show moving to a new channel. Over at GLAAD's web site, the news is that their awards show will soon be broadcast on Bravo.


The Caucus blog over the New York Times web site writes about the pansy slut controversy, and surprise!, no mention is made of any statement from either HRC or GLAAD. Why are these groups so mute today about what Easley said and Clinton smiling as he slurred us?

Click here to read the Times' blog entry.

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Queers United said...

i think the mainstream gay media is making a big deal out of nothing, pansy can mean wimp.