Friday, April 11, 2008

1985 Life Magazine 'AIDS Victim' is Still Alive

During the truly dark early years of the AIDS epidemic in America, the now-defunct Life magazine ran a controversial cover in July 1985, after years of ignoring homosexuals contracting the disease, that focused on the other "victims" of AIDS -- heterosexuals. On the cover were some of those people living with AIDS, and I believe the center image, of a man and woman holding a child, is the Burk family, and Lauren Burk is the woman.

Back in June 2005, when I couldn't locate the text of the article online, I found hard copy at the public library, typed it up and shared in on my blog. Click here to read it.

Today I received an anonymous comment on that old blog entry, from Lauren's sister, sharing some very good news:
I am Lauren Burk's sister, and I am happy to announce, she is still alive. Dwight was my Godson, and not one day passes that I don't see him, hooked up to IVs, feeding tubes and crying uncontrollably. AIDS is a dreadful disease. I agree, the homosexuals were the true victims. We were able to get doantions and support, while the homosexual victims only got shunned. Thank you for keeping my sister's story alive. God Bless!!!
Of course, I was beyond happy to read this comment, quickly posted on that old entry, then wrote a thank you note, which I hope Lauren's sister, and Lauren herself, read.

Lauren's story is one of longtime AIDS survival and must be shared with a wide audience, because she is a shining light of how some people with AIDS managed to beat the odds in 1985.

Lauren, if you read this, please know that I extend much love and best wishes for continued good health and lots of living!


Anonymous said...

I too send best wishes for Lauren. I have a friend who believes he was infected in the late 80s, possibly as early as 1987. He still lives and is doing well despite a long list of ill-effects from the drugs. He's the most grateful person I have ever met.

Nicole said...

Thank you for your kind words and well wishes for my mother. It has been a struggle through the years; however we have tried to do our best to educate others and tell out story. Thanks again!!

AMY BAKER said...

My sister, Lauren, is still alive. She will be turning 51 in October. It's incredible how she has survived. I really do believe that prayers and love have kept her alive. Thank you to all who still think of my sister and her family in their prayers. God bless.
Amy Baker