Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Woof #58: Handsome Homosexuals

It's been a few weeks since I last posted a new collection of fine fellas catching my queer eye. Times just flies by when you're laying the groundwork to run for District 8 Supervisor, as I am for the next general election in November 2014. Please give me one of your votes, if you live in the Castro district. Now, on to the gay guys!

The warm daytime weather has several dudes showing skin on the streets of San Francisco, and enjoying the golden sunshine, sometimes with a strut and a smile.

The male eye-candy seen indoors is none too shabby, as witnessed here. The top photo is my friend Jimmy who used to be in charge of the SF Department of Public Health's AIDS Office and we ran into each other in a City Hall elevator this week. The stripes on his coat blend so well with the metal bars of the elevator carriage.

I took the bottom picture at a recent HIV Prevention Planning Council. Tomorrow is the monthly CARE and HIV Services Council meeting and I'm not sure if I'll attend, but I again express a strong desire for the councils to merge into one, with fewer meetings taking up everyone's valuable time.

Thanks men and boys, for gracing my lens.

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