Friday, November 15, 2013

Petition Demands Castro Supervisor 'Stay Away' from Milk Vigil

A reader tipped me off to a petition and image on, pictured, that should be of interest to all of us fed up with the polarizing and demonizing City Hall tenure of the Castro district's member of the Board of Supervisors.

As someone who was put through eight months of grinding-down by the sheriff, the police and the district attorney as they pulled levers of the criminal justice system because I took a photo of the Supervisor at a sink in a public bathroom, I know full well the lengths he will go to and exact a vendetta. Sure hope someone runs against the guy when he's up for reelection next year.

I have no clue who is behind SF GAG, but wish they had called on the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, organizer of the annual memorial and whose membership in 2011 unanimously passed a resolution demanding the public flagpole at the municipal Harvey Milk Plaza be controlled by the LGBT community and not just the Supervisor and his buddies in MUMC, to properly honor Harvey Milk and George Moscone by lowering the rainbow flag for one day.

Why? Because it is standard practice around the globe to lower flags in honor of beloved deceased community leaders and that November 27, 2013, is the 35th anniversary of the murders of Milk and Moscone. You can be damn sure neither man would have put up with the privatization of the historical plaza and the iconic public flagpole and rainbow flag.

Let's show respect for the lives and legacies of Milk and Moscone and for one 24-hour period, and use the plaza's flagpole to mourn their losses with a simple flag-lowering.

Here's the petition:

Tell Supervisor [redacted] to STAY AWAY from the 35th Annual Candlelight Memorial Honoring Harvey Milk 

Harvey Milk’s most resonate message was “we’ve got to give them hope”. Harvey was known for advocating on behalf of the disenfranchised and displaced. The current elected sitting in the seat once graced by Harvey does not understand Harvey’s message or care about his ideals and therefore cannot and does not respect them. 

The District Eight Supervisor has no business selling out the memorial for Harvey to further his own political agenda while generating yet more media attention for himself. He should not be speaking to the crowd and has no rightful place at a memorial organized by and for the people who wish to celebrate and honor Harvey’s memory and legacy. 

Join the members of the San Francisco Group for Accountable Government (SFGAG) and tell Supervisor [redacted] to STAY AWAY from the candlelight memorial honoring the great Harvey Milk to be held at the Pride Flag on 11.27.13 at 7pm.

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