Thursday, November 07, 2013

Barilla Paying David Mixner How Much Money for his Advice?

Still trying to quell a global gay uproar over owner Guido Barilla's insensitive remarks about LGBT people in September, the Italian pasta giant Barilla earlier this week announced a diversity board which includes American gay leader and Democratic Party stalwart David Mixner. Barilla omitted details about how much he's being paid and for how long he'll advise the company.

Three company media liaisons were listed on the press release heralding the diversity board, all of whom received questions from me about David's engagement with Barilla and related concerns. Despite numerous emails and a vmail for their U.S. based marketing manager, neither Luco Virginio, Luca Di Leo nor Prita Wadhwani responded with answers.

I wrote to David this afternoon and he sent back this reply with details about the gig, all caps his:

Not a problem. GOING TO GET REAL RICH ON THIS ONE. Getting just slightly over $1,000 per month. No contract since I wanted the freedom to leave if progress isn't being made. Hopeful they want to make real change.  

While normally as a private citizen, I usually feel my private and professional life should be mine, in this case you have every right to ask. By the way, I am not consultant to them. They have their own consultants. The fee is an Advisory Board fee.  At an airport so forgive the choppy response but I know you wanted a quick one.

Good of David to provide me with transparency and I'd like a response from Barilla regarding all of the concerns I raised with them.

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Nelson Garcia said...

Mixner is not looking a gift horse in the mouth, that's for certain.