Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BAR: Candidacy Via Skype for Castro's Supervisor Seat?

(I promise a chicken in every pot, or tofu burgers for vegan voters!)

The Bay Area Reporter's veteran writer Matthew Bajko asked me on Monday about participating in candidate debates leading up to the November 4, 2014, election when I hope to be on the ballot vying for one of the three votes each voter in my district will have, and I hadn't thought about the potential use of Skype.

Makes sense to think of that and other ways of utilizing new media and communication tools to wage my campaign, and since San Francisco is both a hot-bed of new tech wonders not to mention also a bedroom community for Silicon Valley tech workers, it's not inconceivable new methods of engagement will aid in my effort.

My announcement about pulling papers to run for Supervisor of District 8 in the Castro area, is here.

Check out this extract from Matthew's story appearing on the BAR's site and in print this week:

Should longtime (and bullhorn-bearing) AIDS and LGBT global rights activist Michael Petrelis indeed run for District 8 supervisor next fall, it may be the city's first candidacy by Skype.

For due to a legal settlement stemming from criminal charges he faced, Petrelis is required to remain 150 feet away from the incumbent, gay District 8 Supervisor [redacted], who will be seeking a second term on the Board of Supervisors in 2014.

"Debates are going to be impossible," said Petrelis, who lives off Valencia Street with his partner, Mike Merrigan.

In June Petrelis pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge stemming from his taking a photograph of [redacted] inside a bathroom at City Hall. His stay away order expires June 12, 2016, and Petrelis can't contact [redacted] or his offices by any means including email or through a third party.

Asked about the possibility of participating via video screen through Skype or some other means of electronic communication in any debates regarding the supervisor race, Petrelis said he was unsure if that would be allowed.

"I think we would have to go to the judge to see about that," he said. [...]

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