Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Woof #74: It's Bear Season

There was a hiatus in this photo series last week, but I'm back to sharing images of various attractive dudes who've crossed my path lately and graced the lens of my little camera. I couldn't think of a better headline, and we all know for us guys who chase after furry fellas, especially in San Francisco, it's always bear season. I've sprinkled a few smooth dudes into the mix, just because they're so darn handsome. Enjoy!

 Two furry faced dudes riding Muni.

 Me: "Have you ever thought of taking up the harmonica?"
Him, chuckling: "No."

 That is one fine goatee he's sporting under his hardhat.

 I'm convinced he's got some fur on his chest under that pink shirt.

 Another dude I'm sure has a lightly hairy torso.

 My friend Robert doesn't have any hair on his chest, but he's so good-looking and sweet, I wanna share his smiling face.

No question, this dude has black hairs on his chest under that white tee shirt.

My pals Alex, in green plaid shirt, and his husbear Mike own the Eagle Tavern and are so darn cute they warrant two photos.

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