Sunday, May 04, 2014

Promising Pulmonary Test Results as Pneumonia Diminishes

My two-hours at the pulmonary clinic up at the UCSF Parnassus campus on Friday yielded some pretty good results.

Yes, there was some difficulty getting satisfactory measurements from my lungs and want to again say thanks to the technicians who made the experience pleasant. In addition to the breathing and volume tests, they also drew blood from my left wrist to evaluate my blood gas level. Two more days of the steroid and antibiotic to go.

Since leaving the ER the other night, I have slowed down and taken naps when needed, practiced meditating and used my bike for exercise. Skipped a few days of the SF International Film Festival too. Let's hope those obscure films from Estonia and Iceland come around again!

At home, Mike and I seem to be laughing more than usual at life's craziness and the healing power of love is a real treat. Thanks to everyone who's called or emailed with get well wishes. They are much appreciated.

I see my new physician, Dr. Susa Coffey, at the 360 Poz Clinic on May 19 and we'll go over the pulmonary test results, and create an over all treatment plan for me.

Medical issues aside, I have to say transferring to to UCSF for primary healthcare needs was the right decision to make after my last doctor at the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Castro Mission Health Center retired. Getting UCSF appointments is far easier than what I went through at SF DPH and university's bureaucracy so far is less stressful.

It also a treat and lifts my spirits, just visiting the Parnassus campus high up on the hill overlooking the Haight and Inner Sunset and taking in the spectacular views.

Hope you're feeling as well as I am on this fine Sunday in San Francisco.


Timothy Lunceford - Artist - Activist - Advocate said...

I am very happy Michael as so many more will be after reading this. I'll let NYC AU and LTS know how you feel now. Keep healthy and enjoy Spring as it transfers into Summer. Sending live vibes. Timothy et Mel

mitzi said...

Glad you're feeling better. Also, I love Dr Coffey--I'm sure you're in good hands.