Monday, May 12, 2014

BART Issues List of Officer-Involved Shooting Deaths Since 1972

After completing my project of getting all the names of officer-involved shooting fatalities from the San Francisco Police Department since they began keeping such records in 1939 and posting the names on my blog, there was another agency from which I wanted similar records.

I filed a public records request with the Bay Area Rapid Transit authorities for their list of such killings since the BART system began services on September 11, 1972, and today they provided me with the responsive records.

Here's the info on when the victims died, their names and race:

11/15/1992: James Hall, Black Male Adult
05/28/2001: Bruce Seward, Black Male Adult
01/01/2009: Oscar Grant, Black Male Adult
02/19/2009: Christopher Gonzales, Hispanic Male Adult
07/05/2011: Charles Hill, White Male Adult
01/21/2014: Tommy Smith, White Male Adult

A total of six BART police officer-involved shooting deaths, three of them were black men, two white men and one Hispanic man.

Let's pray there are no more names ever added to this list.

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