Thursday, May 29, 2014

GLAAD's Executive Director Joins Exclusive Club

Let's give thanks today to the Bay Area Reporter and their writer Chuck Colbert for shedding light upon one important aspect of the leech on the gay body politic known as GLAAD - the salary of the relatively new executive director Sarah Kate Ellis.

(GLAAD's leader Ellis shaking hands recently with presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Public domain photo.)

From the BAR:

Based in Los Angeles, with an office in New York, the organization has an operating budget of approximately $6 million and staff of 29. Ellis's salary is $225,000, she said.

What a waste of good gay dollars, paying another Gay Inc executive director a robust six-figure amount. The exclusive club of LGBT leaders making more than $200,000 has a new member.

When I think of GLAAD, which is not all that often, I am reminded of how the primary purpose of too many LGBT organizations is to keep themselves in business and receiving paychecks.

And while I'm offering a bit of praise to the BAR and Colbert regarding Gay Inc accountability, I also want to point out that their profile desperately needed voices other than Ellis' offering constructive criticism of GLAAD.

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