Monday, September 09, 2013

City Hall Hearing: SF Pride's Troubles Finally on Agenda This Week

(Campos, center in tie, at his Assembly run campaign kick-off at the 24th Street BART Plaza in the Mission on August 1. Wonder why he avoided staging the photo-op at the 16th Street BART Plaza - too filthy or unsafe? Credit: Rebecca Bowe, Bay Guardian.)

My, how time flies when a queer nonprofit receiving City funds lurches from one executive director to another, community support is torn to shreds and monthly crises become daily occurrences.

Has it really been twenty-eight, 28, long months since Assemblyman-wannabe and current Supervisor David "Manana" Campos had this to say to Joe Eskenazi of the SF Weekly in May 2011 about SF Pride's fiscal and management woes back then? Yes, and here's what Campos said:

[He and another supervisor] stated that Pride must be placed under new management — whether it likes it or not. "Pride is an organization that is no longer viable," David Campos says. "We have tried to be helpful. We've given them the benefit of the doubt. But you do reach a point where you have to fish or cut bait."

Well, Campos couldn't be bothered to hold a City Hall hearing even though SF Pride receives about $57,000 annually in City funds and the problems at the organizations continued to month until becoming a queeruption this past spring over the rescinding of a grand marshal slot to Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning.

Damage to the organization and the at-large queer community that has a vital stake in the annual Pride festivities, rolls on. Last week saw the resignation of SF Pride's CEO Earl Plante after a tumultuous months on the job.

This Thursday, September 12, starting at 2 pm in Board Chambers at City Hall, the Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee, of which Campos is a member, has this item on the agenda:

[Hearing - Fiscal and Operational State of San Francisco Pride]  

1. Sponsor: Campos Hearing on San Francisco Pride's fiscal and governance shortcomings as outlined in the 2010 memorandum from the Office of the Controller, steps taken to resolve said shortcomings and the current state of the San Francisco Pride organization. 

Let me get this right. It was 28 months prior that he kvetched to the Weekly and maybe another few months after a 2010 report from the City controller's office about the fiscal woes? David, what's the rush?

Nice of Campos to finally get around to this hearing and it's great that it will be broadcast, streamed and archives on various SF Gov TV platforms, but really, is this best a queer Latino elected official can do at this late point in the (losing) game for SF Pride?

Previous blogging pushing Campos to use his elective office powers on SF Pride is here, here, here and here., while here is my letter to the Bay Area Reporter about the hearing need. Why other accountability activists have not publicly challenged Campos to exercise his Supervisor's office for a hearing sooner is one question I'd like addressed.

Let's see what transpires at this long-overdue City Hall hearing on Thursday afternoon.

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