Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Woof #54: Rainbow Burka & Folsom Fair Preview

We couldn't ask for better weather today in San Francisco, on the eve of the 30th Folsom Street Fair for leather and fetish kinksters, exhibitionists and thousands of voyeurs. I was out and about in the Castro, saw lots of friends and men and boys of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoying themselves. Tomorrow's fair is gonna be the best yet.

"Where did you get that rainbow burka?" I was asked while previewing my Folsom outfit. "Oh, I saw it on a flagpole and I just had to have it!" One man wanted to know if wearing the rainbow burka was mocking Muslims. Sure, why not. Received a robust number of "Love your outfit!" shout outs. Will it stand out in any way at the fair? 

Lots of furry beefy dudes parading around today, all with attractive facial fuzz and interesting haircuts, many wearing tank tops giving us a peek at their furry chests and shoulders.

For the sake of diversity, I snapped pix of dudes on the smooth side who attracted my queer eye at some point. See you all at Folsom tomorrow!

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