Monday, September 16, 2013

SF Pride Silent Over Vote Disaster - Sign the Petition!

During a 420 medicated episode this afternoon, I made my faerie friend and big ol' queen Joey Cain laugh as we chatted on the phone. Mentioning that I'd checked the San Francisco Pride blog looking for their report back to the community about the annual general meeting, had Cain cackling. Yeah!

Very naive of me to even think the organization would have found the time to update stakeholders about the proceedings at the W Hotel yesterday, over the course of nine-or-so hours. Miracles do happen, and the one I wish to see is for the current board to step aside and respect the will of the membership expressed democratically via balloting.

I've launched a second petition. This time, it's directed at the current members of the SF Pride organization and it's needs your signature. The petition grew from the failure of SF Pride to declare the top seven vote-getters the winners of Sunday's election for the 2014 board.

Check out James Patterson's story for the Bay Area Reporter and get more details about the latest disaster at SF Pride, then read Patrick Connors' take on the events for the SFist site.

Read the text then cruise over to the petition and add your name:

Dear SF Pride Officials,

We request that you honor the votes cast at the organization's Annual General Meeting held on Sunday, September 15 at the W Hotel, and respect the will and the intent of the voting members of SF Pride.The top-seven vote-getters should immediately be ratified as the winners of the election and preparations made to install those seven individuals.

After months of lurching from crisis-to-controversy on the part of the current SF Pride board of directors - from rescinding the vote granting a grand marshal slot for Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning to abruptly cancelling meetings as well as sending endorsement emails and retracting them 24 hours later resulting in the termination of the CEO - we believe it's time for a new Board at SF Pride.

We ask that by the close of business on Friday, September 20, that the seven winners of the election be recognized as such and that you welcome them as active members of the Board without delay.

[Put your name on the list of signatories here.]

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