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HRC IRS 990: Near $50M Budget, Solmonese's Final Pay, Griffin's Bonus

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After much urging from myself and other accountability activists, the Human Rights Campaign agreed to post several years of IRS 990 filings on their site and to share the latest tax report within weeks of filing it. As a staunch critic of the organization and it's politics, I wish to laud HRC for this active commitment to transparency.

If only Evan Wolfson's Freedom to Marry group and Lorri L. Jean's Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center would follow HRC's transparency principles, I'd be the first to praise them for finally making their IRS 990s available on their sites.

HRC recently posted their 2012 filings on their annual reports page, one for HRC and another for the HRC Foundation. Both were filed with the Treasury Department on August 14.

Of keen interest to me are the revenue and assets for both arms of the organization, and the salary and bonus data for the top twelve leaders.

For fiscal year 2012, the combined budget was $49.5 million, a jump from 2011's figure of $42.5 million. In terms of assets, the amount remained the same at $42 million and change.

Now, for the salary and bonus breakdowns by name of the executive leadership team, starting at the highest level:. FYI, a gross-up payment is a one-time payment for things like relocation expenses. The names and numbers:

1) Chad Griffin, executive director started on June 11, 2012, base salary of $250,000, including a $20,000 incentive bonus, with an additional $50,000 bonus for an unstated reason, and $40,100 gross-up payment, for a total of $360,100.

2) Joe Solmonese, executive director through June 29, 2012, base salary of $238,300 plus $39,000 gross-up payment for a total of $277,300.

3) James Rinefierd, treasurer, base salary of $211,500 plus $64,000 gross-up payment for a total of $275,500.

4) Cathy Nelson, assistant vice president: $275,000.

5) Susanne Salkind, vice president, base salary of $212,700 plus $60,000 gross-up payment for a total of $272,700.

6) David M. Smith, vice president of programs: $250,300.

7) Fred Sainz, vice president of communications: $228,000.

8) Robert Falk, secretary, base salary of $166,500 plus $50,000 gross-up payment for a total of $216,500.

9) Allison Herwitt, legislative director: $197,500.

10) Ann Crowley, membership director: $175,000.

11) Martin Rouse, national field director: $173,500.

12) Christopher Speron, development director: $172,000.

Total amount paid to these twelve persons comes to $2,873,400 for fiscal year 2012. Are these salaries and bonuses justified? No, not in my opinion and I say that because I believe HRC's leaders are part of the 1%, and addressing the economic disparities and concerns of the 99% of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is not on their agenda.

HRC does not represent me.

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