Monday, September 13, 2010

Maybe 20 at GetEQUAL/Iraq Vets Against War
Rally at the White House

(Activists on September 10 at the White House fence. Photo credit: Geoff Millard.)

Did you know that GetEQUAL and the Human Rights Campaign share the same neutral position about the Iraq and Afghanistan war?

I was reminded of GE's wimpy neutrality by Geoff Millard of Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW), in a phone conversation today. He was at the emergency rally on Friday at the White House, and after three days of not hearing back from the five paid co-directors of GE or their media consultant, I reached out to IVAW for details of what happened and a pic.

After chatting a good bit about his opposition to the Iraqi war, Geoff agreed to send me a report and pic. Googling him, I found out he is quite the radical pro-peace activist, with some controversial baggage of his own. One thing I like about Geoff is his public views on the war, healthcare and other important matters, unlike too many other gay vets who have tunnel vision only for Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

But I digress. Let's get to his report on the September 10 action. Maybe GetEQUAL leaders will take some time, provide their own report back to the community on the protest on their web sites, and also give us an explanation as to how another small-in-attendance event is moving the gay agenda at the federal level.

GetEQUAL might also stop acting like Switzerland during WWII, and take a firm stance against America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From Geoff:

The protest on Friday was the first time that IVAW has done any event officially with a LBGTQ organization and I am very glad that it was with Get Equal. I have only been "out" as a queer veteran for about a year, although most of my friends have known for years.

As for the protest there were a hand full of us, maybe 20 max, although most of the veterans from Service Members United did not want to be photographed with IVAW, so they kept their distance. We held signs, chanted, and did the regular for a protest that was very much in the spirit of reaction and excitement about the chance for an end to DADT.

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