Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HRC, Courage Campaign Nuke a Gnat;
Democrats Get a Pass

For the past year, at least, gay frustration with Democrats and party leaders has hit new highs and even spawned a donor boycott against the Democratic National Committee. A message from the grass and netroots is being sent to Democrats. Stop screwing us and deliver on your many promises. Without question, from smart gay elites to most self-respecting community members, more of us are upset with this party.

And how do our un-elected, out-of-touch-with-homo-reality leaders Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign and Rick Jacobs of the fiefdom known as the Courage Campaign tap into our widespread anger with the Democrats? They don't.


Joe and Rick act like the Democratic stooges I know them to be. They are diverting attention away from the party, with little more than a month before the crucial midterm elections, and asking the community to applaud them for nuking the National Organization for Marriage. Did I miss the surveys and town halls getting community feedback about this diversionary plan before the elections?

HRC and CC have concocted the NOM Exposed web site, with lots of info on the nutcases behind the anti-gay-marriage org, that holds no sway over the U.S. Congress and has a rundown bus-and-truck roadshow traveling the country. Yawn. NOM leader Maggie Gallagher is this year's Anita Bryant, and that is who Joe and Rick are targeting.


Hello? Planet Queer to Joe and Rick, you're missing the real target: the Democrats.

Real homosexual leadership would see HRC and CC created the DNC Exposed web site, examining how we're more being screwed than helped by our friends the Democrats. If HRC and CC were worth more than a warm spittoon of gob, they would now be launching an assault on the political party that really owes us fags a few long-overdue favors.

But good Democratic homosexuals Joe and Rick are not about to upset their access to the DNC leadership. Joe and HRC continue to endow the Democrats with millions of gay dollars. HRC executives would rather eat razor blades than stand up to the DNC.

Rick is a longtime heavyhitter donor at the federal level. In 2006 his contributions totalled $31,500 to Democratic candidates and PACs. During 2008 the donations to Democrats came to $10,550. For Rick's other donations in additional years, check out his FEC files. Such largesse doesn't lead me to think Rick is interested in upseting his DNC buddies with an effort to expose their lies.

By the way, I couldn't locate a figure for how much money is going into the NOM Exposed effort. It's not on their site. Adam Bink at a CC site omitted a cost figure, as did Andrew Belonsky at Towleroad. Like slaves to Gay Inc, Adam and Andrew run the entire NOM Exposed release, fail to raise any mild questions about it, omit cost info and don't ask how much the project director, Kevin Nix, is getting paid. So much for holding our orgs accountable.

NOM Exposed? We need DNC Exposed.

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