Friday, September 24, 2010

Gay Serbs Release Fabulous 
10/10/10 Pride Promo

On Thursday the organizers of the October 10 Gay Pride Parade, that starts at 10 AM in Belgrade, released a subtle and emotionally powerful promotional video.

It conveys a sense of not being able to clearly come and show gay folks, as they're getting ready to spring into action, they take to the streets, low-key music plays on the soundtrack, a narrator speaks in Serbian, the rainbow flag weaves across the screen, and the gays hold hands. My activist heart was aflutter!

Watch this:

Don't forget. There will be a picket and press conference on Friday, October 8, at noon at the Serb UN Mission, 5th Avenue and 67th Street. Be there if you can, and show your solidarity with gay Serbs.

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