Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Israeli Knesset Member: Gays = 'Plague,'
Ban Jerusalem Pride
Here's a timely reminder that it isn't just San Francisco where we see powerful people equating gays with diseases and plagues.

Oy, where does one start in responding to the recent efforts by members of the Israeli Knesset to outlaw gay pride in Jerusalem, comments calling us a plague upon the land and that we should be put in rehab? I'd say with gays making noise in protest of such proposals and bigoted remarks.

Bravo to the activist patrol members and their informational leafleting efforts.

From a Tuesday story on the Y Net News site from Israel:

Members of Hadash party's "Red-Pink Patrol" hung placards overnight Tuesday on the homes of Knesset members Eli Gabbay (National Union-NR) and Nissim Zeev (Shas) in protest of a proposal banning gay pride parades in Jerusalem.

"In this house lives an MK who is trying to outlaw the citizens' right to march and protest on the streets of Jerusalem," one of the posters read. "This anti-democratic bill is targeting not only the homosexual, lesbian, transgender and bisexual communities, but also human and civil rights in general. [...]

During a heated Knesset debate Sunday, MK Zeev claimed that the proposed legislation was aimed at assisting homosexuals and lesbians who want to start a family.

He said that if it was up to him he would put gays in rehabilitation centers "along with drug addicts and alcoholics".

Zeev went as far as comparing the gay movement to a "plague that may destroy Jewish Israel", adding that this "plague" should be dealt with "just as the Health Ministry is dealing with bird flu." [...]


Anonymous said...

MK Zeev is a fucking hypocrite. Rehabilitation? Just another euphemism for gas chamber in his bigoted eyes. Seems he has a lot more in common with Iranian mullahs than he thinks!

DavidEhrenstein said...

Need anyone remind him that the Nazis regarded the extermnation of the Jews as a matter of "Health."