Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gays, UCSF Agree to Meet Over Staph Stigma

I'm pleased to announce we've heard back from Barbara French and that a meeting will take place next week, as one small part of a much larger engagement by the university with the local gay community.

Our email today to UCSF:

Hi Barbara:
On behalf of the three of us -- Michael, Hank and myself -- I am confirming that the proposed time and date are convenient and that the three of us will attend the meeting at the proposed 1pm on Tuesday, February 5.
We would be happy to submit a proposed agenda by end of day Thursday. Of course, if there are any items we might have missed, or additional items on your end you feel would be appropriate, please add them, and communicate them to us to be incorporated.
To that end, it would be helpful to estimate a time frame for the meeting, in addition to determining who of your colleagues will be in attendance, so a meeting agenda can be constructed accordingly.
Looking forward to a productive dialog.

UCSF sent this email yesterday:


In invite you, Clinton and Hank to meet with me and a few of my colleagues on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 1pm. Please let me know if this is convenient. To be most productive, may I suggest that we agree upon our agenda in advance.



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