Monday, February 16, 2015

Why is SF Mime Troupe Holding a Community Meeting Next Week?

There's a flyer taped to a utility pole on Valencia Street tonight urging attendance at an important Mission district neighborhood forum on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Good to see outreach on the street from the San Francisco Mime Troupe. The forum will start at 7:30 pm a their building at 855 Treat Avenue. Their web site contains a truncated version of the flyer's text:

"We are all aware of the influx of newcomers to the area and how it has affected available space for a variety of uses. Many artists and neighborhood groups have been displaced and cannot afford skyrocketing rents. We want to be able to make changes to our building that would make it possible for community use when available. 

"We are now in the early stages of a feasibility study that would inform us of what we can and can't do to the property.

"We want to share our home with a community that is working for positive solutions to challenging issues, one that is inclusive rather than divisive. That's why we need to hear from as many of you as possible! Please come and be prepared to listen and talk."

It's a regular meeting-apalooza happening around and about the Mission in the next two weeks. Before we see what transpires at the Mime Troupe forum, we first have to get through the Planning Commission's town hall on Wednesday, Feb. 18 from 6 to 8 pm at the Women's Building on 18th Street near Valencia:

"The final meeting of the Mission Public Life Plan will unveil the results of the Streetscape Design Survey. The survey results will include priorities for sidewalk amenities and programs to maintain and enhance Mission Street as a vital transit corridor with art, commerce, public for all people to enjoy." 

Plans from the SF Municipal Transportation Agency is a co-sponsor of the meeting and will present Muni's plans for enhanced services in the Mission, with an emphasis on the 14 and 14 Limited lines. At the January meeting, according to the Mission Local site, activists derailed the Planning Commission's agenda with complaints about gentrification and continuing displacement.

Then on Thursday, Feb. 19 starting at 6 pm at St John's Episcopal Church on Julian Street near 15th, the Plaza 16 Coalition is holding a community-wide discussion about how best to react to planned condo construction in the vicinity of the 16th Street BART Plaza. Here's what will be discussed:

"We know we don't want the Monster at Plaza 16. What DO we want? We NEED your ideas, your input, and your help! The first Plaza 16 community meeting of 2015 is going to be crucial. We are going to help launch a new community-driven process to develop a community-serving vision and plan for 16th and Mission."

Which meetings to attend? Not sure if I'll go to any of them but I'm confident all three meetings will generate much social media and in-person chatter afterward, so we'll all learn what idea were presented and debated, who spoke and what decisions were made.

Since the Mission district is (not so well) represented by Supervisor David Campos, I checked his City Hall site and his Facebook page to learn of any other forums and see how he was promoting the three meetings. He has no newsletter for this month at his official site and his last newsletter came out in October 2013, while his Facebook postings omit details on these crucial meetings in District 9 that will eventually help determine the future of Mission.
Are you committed to participating in any of these gatherings?

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