Monday, February 09, 2015

Southern Poverty Law Ctr Breaks $54 Million Budget Barrier

Can anyone tell me when was the last time the very well-compensated executives of the Southern Poverty Law Center addressed the needs of the poor or put a dent in poverty anywhere in the South? Color me not impressed with their endless fear-mongering about hate groups or individuals and ever-expanding list of groups to get nervous about.

The latest IRS 990 filing for the SPLC shows they met their overriding annual goal of raising millions of dollars, this time raking in $54,420,509 during FY 2013. The group has over $340,000,000 in assets resting mainly in banks including accounts in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Salaries are also quite robust and place these SPLC executives are firmly in the 1%:

Morris Dees:

Richard Cohen

Wendy Via

For the likes of Morris Dee and his colleagues, poverty is a very profitable business and if they spent some of the $340,000,000 in assets and off-shore bank accounts on people living in poverty and economic justice, I'd applaud them.

Let's give these people credit for always posting their latest IRS tax filing on their site within days of submitting it to the Treasury Department. You can read the latest full SPLC filing, sent to the feds on Jan. 27, here.

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