Monday, February 23, 2015

Campos Must Speak at Maximus Condo Forum on March 4

Ever since the plans for a monster condo at the 16th Street BART Plaza in District 9 were made public, Sup. David Campos has steadfastly sat on the fence regarding fears of displacement among hundreds of Mission residents.

On Wednesday, March 4, community members and folks associated with the Plaza 16 Coalition, Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, Our Mission/No Eviction and the Latino Democratic Club are turning out for the presentation of Maximus Partners' latest plans for their development at Mission and 16th Street.

It's crucial that Campos get off the fence and take a stand on March 4 and speak at the forum about his concerns regarding Maximus Partners.

He's maintained neutrality claiming he may one day have to vote on matters related to the Maximus Partners, but remaining neutral in these desperate housing times is a very lame excuse when leadership from Campos is needed. Campos can find a way to address the forum and still vote on any Maximus Partners business before the Board of Supervisors.

Frankly, it's been so disappointing that Campos and his City Hall staff have shown such little interest in the monster condo, but now that his campaign for state assembly is over and his legacy, not to mention the diversity of the Mission, are at stake and needs to tell us which side he on.

In 2014, Campos had a meeting with a lobbyist from Maximus Partners in March and a separate meeting in July with a different lobbyists for the developer, according to Ethics Commission records, pictured. While he had time to speak with two Maximus Partner lobbyists, he never showed up at any Plaza 16 Coalition meetings last year, even just to listen.

The side of the grassroots and longterm Mission residents, small businesses and cultural venues, or the Maximus Partners side. It's time for Campos to choose a side.

We should accept no excuses from Campos about skipping the March 4 forum, to be held at the Laborers Local 261 Union Hall, located at 18th and Shotwell Streets.

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