Saturday, February 14, 2015

Take a Trans Friend to Lunch Vid: Veronika & Michael
One personal response to the five tragic killings of transgender women of color so far in 2015, was my individual declaration of Valentine's Day as Take a Trans Friend to Lunch Day.
My longtime fabulous friend Veronika Fimbres, who just happens to be a trans woman of color, agreed to join me this afternoon for some gab and grub.

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously siting at a sidewalk table at the Castro's Cafe Flore. Between Veronika and I, we saw so many pals and acquaintances I lost count, and we said hello to men and boys we just wanted to be friendly with on this sunny, warm day.
Here's our video from this afternoon. Do you agree we need to celebrate and cherish our transgender buddies, and that we look marvelous together?
Contact one of your trans friends and take him or her out to lunch!

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