Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hope & Love for 2014 from My Grandniece + Mike & Mike

(My niece Alexis' daughter Malina Rose poses for another wonderful photo.)

Arrivederchi, 2013! It was quite an interesting year, to say the least. 

Sure, there was the downside of too many visits to the emergency room and the frightening episode of Bell's palsy, the legal vendetta waged against me by the District 8 member of the Board of the Supervisors and DA George Gascon, sympathizing with friends evicted from their apartments due to unbridled gentrification and setbacks for our LGBT colleagues around the world, and a few other things I care not mention.

But my positive column is much larger. I traveled back East for a great visit and saw blood relatives and lots of pals, met my grandniece and looked into her beautiful eyes and saw my late mother's love in them, when I was down a whole lotta love and friendship helped get me through the bad times, I participated in effective and visible protests, had tons of fun with Big Mike even when I lost at Scrabble, and experienced a fine year of numerous cinematic pleasures.

Hello, 2014! We're offering a toast to you and ourselves for a new year full of hope and joy. I'll be turning fifty-five later this month and with all the gusto and happiness I can muster today, it gives me great pleasure to say I'm alive and thriving in my own special way.

Best wishes to everyone for a fabulous 2014.

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