Saturday, January 04, 2014

Weekend Woof #62: Sunny Castro Cuties and Beefs

What a glorious sunny and warm day it is today in San Francisco, and writing those words fills me with a bit of guilt because my friends and family from the Midwest to the East coast are dealing with snow and frigid temperatures. Maybe these fotos will give them some heat!

This is adorable Gus who is with the District 8 Democrats and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club and he was one of a few male members of the clubs distributing flyers for the Castro Tenants Convention, which takes place next Saturday, January 11 from noon until 2 pm. It's happening at the gay community center located at Market and Octavia.

Another Milk Club member, the handsome Lee, was promoting the convention at the entrance to the Muni Station at Market and Castro Streets. Needless to say, I approve of his poster that reads Fight Evictions and should have asked him to pose with it fully visible. Oh, well, next time.

I swear this nice smiling Milk Club member Beau is so young he could be attending his high school prom in a few months. It was the facial peach fuzz that gave him a teenage look, not that there is anything wrong with that!

Here's my cute friend Richard who works in the vitamin department at Rainbow Grocery showing off his smile for me. He's not a member of the Milk Club and this was not taken today or on Castro Street, but I'm happy to include him here!

  Just one of many fine furry faced fellas walking around the gayborhood this afternoon.

We end this edition of Weekend Woof with two beefs who stopped by Harvey Milk Plaza and took a flyer for the Castro Tenants Convention. Even though they live out in the Sunset District, they are going to try and attend the convention.

Thanks to all the boys who graced the lens of my camera today.

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