Sunday, January 05, 2014

LGBTQ Nation: HRC Must Put Economic Justice on the Gay Agenda

Many thanks to my friend and fellow activist Melanie Nathan for serving as the bridge between myself and Brody Levesque, who is the Washington bureau chief of the LGBTQ Nation site.

He requested permission to publish my recent post about the Human Rights Campaign ignoring my many emails and vmails to them seeking comment on economic justice issues for gay Americans, including raising the minimum wage and opposing the cut in food stamps.

Needless to say, I gave Brody the permission along with a photo that I used on my Twitter account and amended my post to specifically call on HRC to make economic justice a matter on the Gay Agenda. Click here to read it on the LGBTQ Nation site.

I'm quite pleased my column is reaching a wider audience and am impressed with the fact that LGBTQ Nation has 433,000 followers on their Facebook page, not to mention generating a good debate about economic concerns and poor or low-income gays.

There is also great satisfaction knowing many LGBT eyeballs are reading probably for the first time the salaries paid to HRC's top ten executives in 2012, making more in our community aware of just how well-compensated these leaders are by the HRC board of directors.

Thanks, Brody and LGBTQ Nation, for giving my concerns more attention and I hope the cross-posting puts pressure on HRC to finally start addressing economic justice for millions of gays who can't afford to attend their gala dinners.

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