Saturday, January 25, 2014

Uptown Almanac: 'Rainbow Burqa' Zap Hi-Lite of Chiu v Campos Debate

(Credit: Patrick Connors, Uptown Almanac.)

Only in San Francisco, kiddies, do we see such fun zaps of political debates! Many thanks to Patrick Connors, alias UppityFag on Twitter and lots of other social media platforms, for such coverage and analysis of the highlight of the evening. Anyone care to wager money that Campos won't keep his promises to bring attention to the privatization of the rainbow flag on public land at Harvey Milk Plaza?

From the Uptown Almanac report by Patrick:

Last night, [Thursday, Jan. 23] at the SF Public Library, David Campos emerged as the champion of the people in the race to succeed Tom Ammiano in the CA State Assembly representing District 17.

Campos spoke in Spanish! He referred to his illegal immigrant roots! He made it clear that he was THE gay in the race! He introduced his newlywed HUSBAND!

David Chiu, for the most part, was like a tree in the wind.

The debate, sponsored by the San Francisco Young Democrats, was the first of the campaign between the two members of the Board of Supervisors: David Chiu (District 3) and David Campos (District 9). [...]

Highlight: Michael Petrelis' interruption early in the debate calling for a public forum on community access to the Rainbow Flag in the Castro.

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