Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SF Mayor Releases 31-Page Private Calendar, Public Version Omissions

(Cropped image from the mayor's private calender for 12/16/13.)

My public records request to Mayor Ed Lee last week for his December 2013 calendar in electronic format produced that public document. It was provided to me yesterday. I have posted the 31-page PDF at my Google Docs page.

This detailed private calendar, in my view, should be voluntarily posted on the mayor's site on a monthly rolling basis. As an employee of the San Francisco taxpayers, this version of his calendar showing how he spends his time, is the time-card citizens should have access to without the burden of having to file public records request for it.

Compare what is in that version with very few of the same events listed on his public calendar made available on his web site and you'll see a very different version for public disclosure. We deserve a single calendar from Mayor Lee, not to mention disclosing of invitees and attendees at his meetings.

Let's look at just one day, Monday, December 16, and compare the two versions. The private one shows he chaired a ninety-minute lunch meeting at 1 Market Street in the office of Salesforce.com, while his public web-posted calendar omits the meeting.

Sunshine, like water, needs to flow freely from our public employees and elected officials starting with their calendars.

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