Friday, January 03, 2014

$400K = AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Director Weinstein's Salary

(For an electronic copy of AHF's most current tax filing, send a request to their finance officer Lyle Honig:

While his nonprofit organization may have had revenue of $188.2 million last year, executive director Michael Weinstein won't spend a dime on posting their IRS 990s on their web site.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation certainly performs many valuable prevention and treatment services here at home and around the world, it cannot be said that they are committed to full transparency because Weinstein refuses to post any IRS 990 returns on the AHF for folks to read. Their About page contains no 990s.

Seeing Weinstein quoted in David Tuller's piece in Tuesday's New York Times on Truvada and PrEP, where he was misidentified as a doctor by the way, reminded me I hadn't requested AHF's 990 for 2012 and yesterday I did so, and before the day was over the filing was emailed to me.

Page 40 of the filing shows that Weinstein was compensated $398,650 last year for his services. Nice chunk of change for running a $188.2 million AIDS agency.

Sure, I think that's high salary but I also contextualize it against the $430,000 paid to Craig Shniderman of Food and Friends in Washington, DC, which had a budget of $7.9 million. At least Food and Friends posts seven years of 990s on their site.

Let's hope 2014 is a year of curbing excessive executive compensation at gay and AIDS organizations, and one in which ALL our community-based nonprofits share their tax filings on their web sites.


Anonymous said...

In a recent LA Times article profiling Mr. Weinstein, I believe the amount they had for AHF's annual budget was $750 million. If this is true, then it may explain why Weinstein is paid such a high salary. Nowhere in the article does it explain where the $750M is going...,0,1542856.story#axzz2t9iMwMbD

9inches Russian said...

Well mr weinstein helps a lot of people..