Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekend Woof #15:
Veterans of ACT UP & a Boy

The weather in San Francisco for the past two weekends has been fantastic, with tons of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s making more guys guys wear less clothing and we like that. Here's my latest batch of photos of attractive men and one boy. Many thanks to all of 'em for posing for my camera.

Say hello to Dean, who I know from the late 1980s when we were both in ACT UP/New York together. I ran into him at the Crepevine on Church Street, soon after he had received a box of apples from his mom back New Hampshire. Like Steve in the Garden of Eden, he tempted my taste buds offering me an apple and I happily accepted his gift. A very pliable model, and seems appropriate mentioning fruit, that I grabbed a shot of his pits.

Lemme introduce you to Matt, who I met in 1995 at the ACT UP/Golden Gate office that used to be on Castro near 18th Street. Matt kept tabs on Genentech and their anti-HIV drugs in development back then, and organized actions against the company. Here he is at last week's rally for gay Honduran leader Erick Martinez at Milk Plaza.

This sweet boy with the trucker's tan is Erik who works at my local (and favorite) bike shop, Box Dog Bikes on 14th Street near Guerrero. I don't know him from any ACT UP chapter! Erik is thirty-something (practically chicken, in my book) and has a girlfriend. I captured him goofing off at the counter, taking a break from repairing flats and tightening cables.

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