Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jill Stein for President;
Yes on 34 - End CA's Death Penalty

In 1980, I was eligible for the first time to cast a ballot in a presidential election and my vote went to independent progressive ecologist and anti-nuke activist Barry Commoner. Thus began my long commitment to third party politics and candidates, and an unwillingness to accept the Democratic and Republican parties as my only choice in elections.

The only time I voted for a major party candidate was in 1988, during the height of the AIDS epidemic in America, when I gave my vote to Michael Dukakis because of how terrified I was of George H.W. Bush succeeding Ronald Reagan.

(I might have been wiser to cast my ballot for Dukakis' actress cousin Olympia, given what a lousy candidate the Massachusetts governor was in that election. She at least won the Oscar that year for her performance in "Moonstruck".)

Today I'm voting for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein because she has a platform I can fully support, and to help build this alternative party into more of a challenge to the two major parties.

When I go into my polling station up the block at the Saint Francisco Senior Home, I'll also be voting in favor of California Proposition 34 which would end the death penalty. If Prop 34 passes, the more than 700 people now on death row would remain in prison for life without a chance of parole.

Be sure to vote today!

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