Monday, November 19, 2012

Video: 265 Transgender People
Died from Violence in the Past Year

Jess Colyer, a transwoman and activist from San Diego where they have a flagpole on public land but none of the b.s. like we have with the Merchants of Upper Market Castro and Scott Wiener, shared this powerful and moving video with me. She asked that I share it on my blog, which I'm happy to do.

Here is Jess' text explaining the video:

265 Transgender people lost their lives in 2012. This video is there to honor those that died so violently and prematurely. Some victims were tortured, burned or shot more than a dozen times only because they were expressing who they truly felt they were inside. This video is free and can be downloaded. Please take it and use it any way you see fit to help in bring an end to violence against Transgender people worldwide.

One trans murder is one too many, and 265 trans killings are an outrage. Big thanks to Jess, for making this important video and I hope folks share it far and wide.

Please come to Harvey Milk Plaza today at 5:30 PM for the historic raising of the trans pride flag, on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance. 

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