Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nudists Prep for 11/28
SF Dem Party Meeting

(Buck nekkid queer folks were arrested today in Speaker Boehner's DC office today over AIDS funding matters. Makes me happy to see activists using their bodies for political purposes, an activity soon to be banned in San Francisco.)

Try as I do to get the male nudists to get off the streets, and come visit me in my apartment and serve as living art with their bodies, I just can't succeed with them.

The other day, I begged my nudists pals to stay away from the monthly Democratic Country Central Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 28 starting at 7 PM, with two-minutes of public comment allowed per speaker at the beginning of the meeting. As usual the DCCC will convene at the Milton Marks State Building at 455 Golden Gate Avenue near Polk Street, in the basement.

I told them the proxies for Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Jackie Speier, Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano, Kamala Harris, and the actual six members of the Board of Supervisors, along with all the other political animals and climbers who are DCCC members and at every meeting, simply do not need to hear from the nudists about their complaints.

And the nudists have ignored my suggestions to show up at the DCCC meeting and put their bodies and voices to good use before the powerbrokers ruining San Francisco.

According to a story by Dan Schreiber in today's SF Examiner, the body freedom enthusiasts have a full plate over the next few days:

Nudists made their displeasure known last week by stripping naked during a close Board of Supervisors vote to ban public nudity citywide. And with a few months to go before the new ordinance officially becomes law, the political corridors of San Francisco could be filled with naked rage through the holidays.

Christina DiEdoarado, an attorney representing nudists who intend to challenge the law in federal court, said nudists will be out in force Wednesday at a meeting of the Democratic County Central Committee, at a rally on the City Hall steps on Friday, and for the board’s required and usually perfunctory second vote on the ordinance Dec. 4.

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