Thursday, November 01, 2012

Castro Gay Health Center's
Broken Window Replaced

A crew of glass installers were busy at the Magnet gay men's health center on 18th Street in the Castro this morning. After leaving the MUMC meeting, I saw the crew putting the final touches on the new window, replacing the glass window that was shattered on Sunday night after the SF Giants won the World Series.

My photos show the damage window after removal on the left side of pictures, leaning against the van, and the spanking new window being secured at the Magnet storefront.

Since Magnet is a program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, I checked the foundation's latest IRS 990 and read that their revenue for 2011 was $20.6 million.

That kind of dough may explain why Magnet's has a new window and no fundraising campaign was necessary.

On the other hand, the vandalized two windows across the street at the GLBT Historical Society's storefront museum this morning were waiting to be replaced. The society's current IRS 990 shows their revenue at $480,300. That low figure, compared to the SFAF's millions, may explain why the society made this appeal to the community:

The total cost of the damage is not yet known, but will be minimally a few thousand dollars, [executive director Paul] Boneberg said. Donations to assist with the repairs and to support the museum can be made online at The museum will report on the repairs via its Facebook page at
The acts of vandalism on both nonprofits were reprehensible and I hope the museum's damage is soon gone and new windows quickly installed.

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Stephen R. Stapleton, Sacramento, CA said...

Replacing the window may also have been covered by insurance. I have worked for several business with window replacement riders and the insurance company had a glaziers on the spot within hours. A more wealthy organization might well be able to afford more insurance to better limit its risks.