Sunday, November 18, 2012

Open Mic, No Pols
at Trans Flag Raising at Milk Plaza?

Tommi Avicolli Mecca and dozens of grassroots activists today staged a sit-in, literally, with plastic lawn chairs and the installation of a wooden bench, at Harvey Milk Plaza to protest the recent removal of purple benches lining the walkway.

A bunch of us queers got to talking about Monday's raising of the trans flag at Milk Plaza on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance and what we most want to see at the event.

After a blessing from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and speeches from trans folk about all the transgender people killed in the past year, we would like for there to be an open mic session. Let's hear from anyone who feels the need to speak and keep everyone other than trans leaders to a 2-3 minute time limit, just like at public comment during City Hall hearing.

We don't want to hear from opportunistic politicians including the likes of Scott Wiener, Mark Leno, David Campos, Ed Lee, or any other elected. They have plenty of chances to raise trans issues in Sacramento and at City Hall. There is no need to give electeds a platform to spout off and pursue votes for their next elections.

Considering that the Sisters and all the politicians haven't done a damn thing to create equal access to the flagpole on public property, and they haven't stood up to MUMC's bullying about controlling the flagpole, it's beyond hypocritical for these folks to now show up at the flag raising when if things were left to them, there wouldn't be the trans flag flying at the plaza tomorrow night.

No one I spoke with was pleased that Terry Bennett, owner of Cliff's Variety and president of MUMC, who insulted trans folks for an entire month ignoring Veronika Fimbres' request to use the pole for TDOR among other acts of stupidity, is listed as the media contract for the flag raising. What gall.

For two years, Benner and MUMC have done everything to divide the community over equality in terms of using the city-owned flagpole, and now they are the press contacts.

The insanity of these control issues and how MUMC irrationally make decisions about the flagpole will be on full display Monday evening at Milk Plaza. See you there.

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