Friday, November 26, 2010

Vid: HRC's Solmonese Speech:
Dem's Broken Promises Omitted

The tentacle of one extension of the horrific Human Rights Campaign octopus continues to promote their businesses, furniture and faith, through HRC board member Mitchell Gold and his niche group Faith in America. My recent post on the org, Gold and his history with HRC is here.

FIA this week posted a clip of HRC leader Joe Solmonese speaking on November 6 at the Dallas tux 'n gown dinner, and he of course proclaims minor local victories as giant steps, while sticking to the "say nothing about the Democratic Party's broken promises to the gay community" script:

Same old cup is half is half full rhetoric, and I've nothing against holding Arkansas school board jerks accountable, but the over all picture from DC is not even close to a quarter cup of accomplishments for the gays from the Democrats. Yeah, go ahead and call me naive for watching the clip and even thinking Suck-up Solmonese is gonna deviate an inch from serving as the DNC butt boy.

But the clip is very instructional for showing us the response of the donors, as crumbs are dropped from the speaker's podium. The moneyed Texans, who have long funneled millions in moolah to HRC's inept DC operation, yelp and clap their hands often. It is a crowd satisfied with the tiniest of incremental, glacial changes, some of which are not even directly related to anything Solmonese and his group have undertaken.

On the same page as the clip, is where I found this image and text to part with fifty smackeroos for the slim chance of winning a leather chair. FIA and HRC: always looking to make a buck, harvest email addresses, get your home and cell phone digits and postal mail address.

At least the chair doesn't have the HRC equality logo plastered all over it.

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