Monday, November 15, 2010

'We're Rising and Will Prevail'

A nutty email from a rightwing kook was sent yesterday to a number of gays, and a straight Congressman, making it seem as if Team Ex-Gay was beating Team Homo in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. I'm sharing the note because it made me laugh and you might also get a few chuckles out of it. A regular laff-riot:

To:  Ms. Gloria Nieto, Mr. Bevan Dufty, Mr. Michael Petrelis, Ms. Masen Davis, Mr. Rick Jacobs, Mr. Randy Allgaier, and Mr. Matthew S. Bajko
Cc:  Rep. James E. Clyburn
Dear All:
You were mentioned in a recent Bay Area Reporter article on gay activists' opinion of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's performance regarding gay issues.
Please be advised of the following:
o  Nancy Pelosi is a chronic liar and user.
o  The ex-gay movement is rising and will prevail.
o  Homosexuality and transgenderism are psychological disorders springing from early-life faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent.  They indicate deep-seated gender self-alienation, and are preventable and treatable.
o  More information (in contrast to the PC lies of the American Psychiatric Association and its Leftist-dominated sister organizations) is available through the National Assn. for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (, the International Healing Foundation (, People Can Change (, and Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (
o  Both parties have been using "gays" for forty years.   Shame on them.
o  You are not "sexual minorities."  You are sick people.  There is healing for you, if you get skilled help and stick with it for years.  More time spent on "gay equality" is time wasted.
o  The people have recourse to civil disobedience to all gay-egalitarian laws.  Given the betrayal of the people by all three branches of the federal government, it may come to that.
o  GayScam will be known as a sad chapter in American history.  The truth will out.
Thank you.
--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C.

Wanna know about the author and her failings and outrageous anti-gay lies? Click here to learn more about her agenda.

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Larry-bob said...

One of her essays is titled "The Mutual Benefits of Conservatism and Good Mental Health."

She might have a good point about Nancy Pelosi, though.