Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rufus Wainwright: 
'Man Can't Live on Butt Alone'

The first time I read about the multi-talented and openly gay musician Rufus Wainwright was in 2006. For two sold out shows at Carnegie Hall, he performed Judy Garland's legendary concert album of her famous shows at the venerable venue. (Good reason to listen to that CD again, as I write this post.)

The critics, and lots of Judy's fans, couldn't say enough positive, glowing words about his 2006 concerts, and he's gone on to more fame and creative endeavors since then.

Wainwright was recently in San Francisco to perform new songs of his, based on Shakespeare's sonnets, at Davies Symphony Hall. Fellow blogger Michael Strickland was there and snapped this great photo of the singer, who sang without wearing any socks or shoes:

While in town, Wainwright also went to the SF Opera and saw "The Makropulos Case," and during intermission an SF Chronicle writer caught up with him to ask his views on aging and beauty, for the People Meter column:

Profession: Pop singer, composer
Neighborhood: New York City
Would you drink from the Fountain of Youth? Some people have said I already have. I spend a lot of time onstage. It's the magic of the audience that keeps me young.
Advantages? You'd keep your butt shape.
Disadvantages? Man can't live on butt alone.

I know quite a few gay men who would strenuously disagree with that last statement, but since he's a dedicated practitioner of the Judyism religion, any disagreements with Wainwright won't last long.

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ish said...

His Carnegie Hall show was terrific. I was lucky enough to be there...enough to make a Judy believer out of anyone. His vocal affectations don't always work for me but when he gets it right he's terrific.