Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HRC Leader David M. Smith's 
Curious Twitter Feed

America's top gay friend to the Democratic Party, the Human Rights Campaign's deputy executive director since 1993, David M. Smith, is the man behind the curtain puffing up the org and it's titular leader Joe Solmonese.

David is the almost-unseen gatekeeper for mainstream Democratic gay issues, and he does his best to stay out of the limelight. Better that way to keep his role in HRC's many legislative and political setbacks and disasters away from prying eyes.

For a modicum of insight into this powerful Democratic strategist, I read his Twitter feed and discovered he's a jock lover. David hasn't sent a ton of tweets, but what he has posted gives tiny peek into what's on his mind when not stalling a viable gay agenda. Click here to read all of his tweets.

While he's certainly promoted HRC and touted their work in his tweets, I've excerpted mainly the apolitical ones here, and a few from gay bloggers needling him. I find them all highly amusing:


  1. Watching Redskins - feels like Election night.
  2. CONGRATS SF!!!!!!!!!
  3. Go Ducks!!!!
  4. Go Ducks!
  5. Kanye: A toast for douchebags, assholes, scumbags and turncoats. Amen. You know who you are!
  6. Did Gaga just hand Cher the microphone?
  7. Both just started to go South. Hot tub and Dallas TD.
  8. Flipping back and forth between VMA's and Redskins. Both doing good so far. Except for Taylor.
  9. For goodness sake - can the UK's goalie come play for Slovenia please.
  10. @benpolitico www.city-dogs.com - (202) 234-9247 - they are very good and will give you a report card on how the dog did while boarded.
  11. @JoeSudbay that would be no.
  12. @adamlambert you go Adam!
  13. @aravosis is that picture of you John?
  14. @PerezHilton YOU WERE FABULOUS ON CNN! And thank goodness you cleared up the question of whether Rick Sanchez is gay.
  15. @anamariecox Jim Messina between Raum and Vallerie
  16. EAGLES doing surprisingly well.
  17. @jaketapper but you only look 35 so get over it!
  18. @jimmyfallon you are the abosolute best - but watch your SNL teleprompter eyes - its distracting. But you are a hoot and a half!
  19. Just joined Twitter. This is my inaugural tweet.

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